• NoLimits 2

    New Terrain Editor

    NoLimits 2 comes with a completely new day engine. Fully customizable texture layers can be used to simulate rocks, grass, walkways, and whatever the user can think of. The day can make use of height-maps and normal-maps for improved per pixel bump-lighting effects. Tunnels through day are fully supported, making it possible for the user to create exciting track layouts. The increased realism of the new water engine also simulates reflection and refraction using complex GPU shaders. Additionally, the high customizable engine is also allowing to alter water effects such as textures and water clarity.

    Incredible Detail

    Almost all aspects of a coaster were improved. One of the nicest improvements were made to the coaster track that now uses highly detailed texture maps with bump, specular, and reflection maps. The overall polygon count was increased tremendously, making round objects appear round while still remaining full realtime performance on mid-range computers. The engine also takes care of adding varation to track elements. Notice how each cross-tie has a slightly different texture. We are especially proud about how all the new objects have the right scale. Everything just looks and feels right.

    New Coaster Styles

    NoLimits 2 comes with 11 new coaster styles, including 4D, Suspended, Flying and Wing coasters. The total number of different styles is 40 now. More coaster styles are planned.

    Improved Coaster Styles

    Many of the existing styles from NoLimits 1 were improved with better textures and details.

    Control Panel

    Coasters can be controlled by using a control panel. There are numerous options to control stations, blocks and switches.


    NoLimits 2 features a completely re-designed user interface with built-in editor. The tab-based user interface of the editor clearly splits up the design process into its main categories. With its powerfull spline editing capabilities it is easier than ever to create a smooth and realistic layout.


    Next to dynamic shadows, the custom graphics engine of NoLimits 2 features a couple of other neat effects, including dynamic lights, ambient occlusion, bloom, sun-shafts, HDR, depth-of-field and z-feather sprites.

    Dynamic Sky

    A full day-night-cycle can be simulated. The cycle length can be configured.

    Common Feature List

    • Available for Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP) 32 bit and 64 bit
    • Designed for multi-core CPUs and next generation graphics
    • Oculus Rift CV1/DK2 and HTC Vive support
    • Realistic roller coaster physics
    • Integrated park editor
    • Everything realtime!
    • 40 different coaster styles including:
      • 4D
      • Wing
      • Spinning
      • Wooden
      • Flying
      • Inverted
      • Suspended
    • Shuttle coasters
    • Switches and transfer tracks
    • Different worn levels to simulate aging
    • Different rail types
    • More than one train at the same time
    • More than one coaster in the same park
    • Dual stations
    • Duelling coasters using synchronized stations
    • Custom spline positions relatively to track (center of rails, heartlined)
    • Backwards running train option
    • Block sections
    • Realistic control of brakes
    • Animated brakes, wheels, lifts, harnesses, gates, station platforms etc.
    • Large building area (1,500m x 1,500m x 500m)
    • Intelligent track spline options
      • Rational B-Spline curves for fully professional track design
      • Perfect circles are possible
      • Fully backwards compatible with NoLimits 1 tracks
      • Integrated Depumping smoother
      • Display of track curvature and g-forces in realtime
      • Track node based roll information and section separation
      • Auto-compute of roll to minimize lateral forces
    • Complex support structure design
      • Lots of prefab support elements
      • Custom supports using nodes and beams
      • Copy and paste of structures
      • Lots of support beam types
      • Atomizing prefab support elements into custom supports
      • Advanced wooden support generator for very complex wooden structures
    • Different camera perspectives: onboard, free, target, fly-by
    • Special walk mode (with collision detection)
    • Choose your seat, car, train and coaster
    • Mouse simulates head moving
    • Advanced terrain engine
      • Tunnels through terrain and water
      • Multiple layers of textures
      • Optional bump mapping
      • Optional walk step sounds
      • Optional plant objects
      • Integrated terrain generator
    • Next generation graphics with normal mapping, specular mask, reflections and realtime shadows
    • Screenspace Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)
    • HDR adaptive iris effect
    • Bloom effect
    • Lens flare effect
    • Volumetric light and fog effects
    • Depth-of-field effect
    • Weather effects
      • Rain
      • Snow
      • Wind
      • Thunder and lightning
      • Fog
      • Dynamic clouds
    • Dynamic sky with Day-Night-Cycle
    • 3D Surround Sound using OpenAL
    • Environmental Audio Effects (Reverb inside tunnels etc.)
    • Integrated environment editor to change skybox, and background
      • Lots of shipped demo environments (high mountains, flat background)
    • Integrated scripting language
      • High level, object oriented language with lots of features
      • Highly extensible API
      • Capable of simulating flat rides
      • Control over scene objects and lights
      • Make use of track triggers to control train events
      • Can override default block system
    • Shipped with demo objects and scripts
      • Lots of high quality flat rides (ferris wheel, drop tower, observation tower, pirate ship....) all fully animated with sounds
      • Lots of park objects (benches, fences)
      • Over 20 lamp objects
      • High quality trees and plants
    • Import of DAE (Collada), 3DS, and LWO files for custom scene objects
      • Internal scene object description files with previews
      • Can be scripted
      • Custom light effects
      • Integrated material editor for advanced effects
    • Integrated light pattern creator tool for generating animated light textures
    • Water splash effect for coasters with water scoops (dive coaster, staggered hyper coaster)
    • Integrated Formula track element language
    • Integrated Force vector track element designer
    • Package file export
    • High quality video export with perfect frame timing
    • Lots of shipped demo parks

    Special Features with Professional License

    • Allowed to use screenshots and videos for commercial usage
    • Custom friction parameters
    • Film quality motion-blur effect
    • High resolution poster screenshots
    • Unrestricted video export resolutions (HD resolutions, no watermark)
    • Transparent background screenshots (screenshots with alpha)
    • Password protected park packages

    Demo Restrictions

    • Will expire after 15 days
    • Play mode active for up to 30 minutes only
    • Restricted saving of parks (up to 10 vertices per park, only same user who saved can open his park)
    • No package file export
    • No element file export
    • Only very limited number of available coaster styles
    • Only a couple of demo parks included


    • Minimum:
      PC: Windows Vista, 2.0 GHz Dual-Core with 2 GB RAM, Graphics fully compatible to Direct X 9.0c (Shader Model 3) with 512 MB Video RAM, 2 GB free hard drive space, Steam client

      Mac: macOS 10.9.5, Core i5 2.3 GHz Dual-Core with 4 GB RAM, Graphics fully compatible to OpenGL 3.3 (Intel HD Graphics 3000 or newer) with 512 MB Video RAM, 2 GB free hard drive space, Steam client

    • Recommended:
      PC: Windows 7 or newer (64 Bit), 2.6 GHz Quad-Core with 4 GB RAM, Graphics fully compatible to Direct X 11 (Shader Model 5) with 1 GB Video RAM, 2 GB free hard drive space, Steam client

      Mac: macOS 10.12 or newer, 64 Bit supported, Core i5 Quad-Core with 8 GB RAM, Discrete Radeon or GeForce graphics fully compatible to OpenGL 4.1 with 1 GB Video RAM, 2 GB free hard drive space, Steam client

  • NoLimits 1

    The history of NoLimits

    NoLimits was one of the first 3D roller coaster simulation packages available, when its first version was released back in November 2001. It was born from the lack of 3D simulators having the right amount of features to be able to recreate roller coasters found in reality. It was originally designed to run on Windows 98/2000/XP and was later ported to Mac OS X. It made use of accelerated 3D graphics cards using the OpenGL API to give the user a realtime ride experience in front of the computer screen.

    With a major focus on reality and speed, this program would let the users design their favorite roller coaster, and of course would let them ride it. One of the most important feature, and the main origin of its name, was that it was possible to design elements of every kind, using Bezier-like splines. Those splines were typically found in drawing or CAD software packages. Without those splines, users were restricted by choosing elements from a pre-defined set, which would strongly limit creativity and realism. With splines instead, elements are possible to design, only limited by your imagination. NoLimits was also one of the first 3D roller coaster simulators that offered a larger set of different coaster styles. Over 20 different coaster styles including inverted, hyper, spinning, flying, and wooden roller coasters were available.


    • Designed for Windows 98/2000/XP and Mac OS X (up to 10.13)
    • Focus on realism
    • Own trackeditor 
    • Optimized for high framerates using 3D accelerated rendering
    • Various effects including multilayer sky and lens flares
    • More than one train at the same time
    • Synchronized block-safety-device
    • Animated brakes, wheels and lifts
    • 24 different kind of coaster-styles:
      • Shuttle Coasters
      • Wooden Coasters
      • Spinning Coasters
      • Flying Coasters
    • 3D Sound
    • Different camera perspectives: onboard, freemode
    • Choose your seat, car and train on the fly
    • Mouse simulates head-moving
    • Terraforming
    • Import 3DS files
    • Edit the environment to change skybox, fog effects, sun position...
    • etc...

    Industrial use

    The software has been used by amusement park related companies showcasing new rides for prospective parks and guests. Such companies include Vekoma, Gerstlauer, Intamin, Zamperla, Mack, Maurer.

    "I find NoLimits helps all our development teams to understand exactly what a proposed ride will look and feel like, long before any construction work starts on site."
    - John Wardley