Steam Workshop


Steam Workshop can be used to share parks with other users. Every user can upload their parks to the Workshop. Parks that were made public can be subscribed by other users of the Steam version of NoLimits. Subscribed parks will be automatically downloaded and will appear in the user's Park File Browser.

Steam Workshop Dialog

The Steam Workshop dialog can be accessed from the File menu of the editor. It is used to submit and update files to Steam Workshop. Files submitted will be uploaded to the Steam cloud. Once they have been made public, other users can subscribe to these items. Subscribed items will be displayed inside the File Browser. To upload a new item to the Workshop, first prepare an NL2PKG park package by using Save Package from the File menu of the editor. Be sure to add a preview picture and a description. Click on Submit Park then select the package file and a new item will be created and the package file will be uploaded. Inside Steam Workshop the description and preview picture can be changed. You also need to make the item public there. The item is flagged as private by default. Only public items will be visible to other users. The dialog will automatically display the list of submitted parks. Later, any item from the list can be updated by selecting the item from the list and clicking on Update inside the dialog. You will be asked for a new package file that should replace the existing package. Once selected, the new package will be uploaded. Users that have subscribed to that item will receive the new update automatically. Sometimes it takes exiting the program and restarting the Steam client to receive updated files.

Main Buttons

Submit Park

Select a park package file (nl2pkg) to be uploaded to the Steam cloud.


Select an item from the list of submitted items and click on Update to replace the file with a newer version.


Select an item from the list of submitted items to permanently delete it. Deleted items will not be available anymore from the Workshop. Users who have subscribed to these items still can use them as long as they have subsribed to them.

Downloading Parks

In order to download a park, go to the Steam Workshop then select the item and click on Subscribe. The item will be added to the download queue of Steam. Once the files were downloaded, they will appear in the Steam Workshop category inside the Park File Browser. Sometimes, the program needs to be restarted in order to receive new items. In order to remove the item, you can either unsubscribe from the Steam Workshop or select the item the File Browser and click on Unsubscribe. The item will be removed from the local files. It is possible to subscribe to the item again, in case you accidently unsubscribed from an item.