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New Update Released. NoLimits 2 Available for Mac now!

We are proud to have released a new update for NoLimits 2 with cool new features and all new Mac compatibility.

Here is a list of the most important changes...

Mac version is now available

NL2 now fully supports the Mac. It is a native port for macOS using OpenGL 3.3/4.1. It is available on Steam. Please make sure to check the requirements before purchasing. We recommend a fast graphics card such as a discrete Radeon or GeForce solution, especially when running high resolutions on Retina displays. On older and slower Macs, it might make sense to use fullscreen mode with a lower resolution.

New Tilt Track Element

  • Easy to use, works just like a transfer track
  • Timing and tilt angles can be customized
  • Works for all coaster styles

New Scenery Objects

  • New set of gray rocks and stones
  • New set of brown rocks and stones
  • New wind power plants
  • New high performance forest objects for backgrounds
  • New high performance pine tree

New Parks

  • Tilt Coaster Park demonstrating the new tilt element
  • Rock-it Man Park demonstrating the new scenery objects
  • Both new parks are fully optimized for VR

Many internal optimizations

  • Better utilization of CPU cores for higher framerates
  • Special optimizations for CPUs with many cores (Ryzen)
  • Lower latency frame times for better VR experiences
  • Higher scripting performance

[The NL Dev Team]

New Update Released

Main new features and changes:

  • New borderless window mode
  • More optimizations for multi-core CPUs (around 4% higher framerates)
  • Faster loading of DAE files
  • Improved block system scripting
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

[The NL Dev Team]

New Update: NoLimits 2.5 Released

We are proud to have released the new major update for NoLimits 2 with lots of new features.

Here is a list of the most important changes

New Deferred Shading Renderer

This new renderer allows much higher framerates when having lots of light sources and is optimized for medium to high end graphics cards. Here are some of the key features of the new engine:

Improved Light Source Rendering

  • Engine scales much better with high number of light sources
  • Scales much better with high end graphics cards by reducing driver load (less draw calls)
  • Even light sources that are very far away will be rendered
  • Improved computation using linear color space for more realistic visuals

New Graphics Effects

  • Custom implementation of Screen-space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) greatly improving visuals
  • Bloom effect
  • Sun shafts effect
  • High Dynamic Range lighting with adaptive iris effect (works great together with bloom effect)
  • New underwater caustics effect

Smarter Engine

  • New automatic occlusion detection system (manual occluders are rarely needed anymore)
  • Improved light shafts with higher quality and performance (allows much cooler light effects, such as lasers)
  • SMAA anti-aliasing (Copyright (C) 2011 by Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria, Tiago Sousa, Belen Masia, Fernando Navarro and Diego Gutierrez.) for best trade-off between performance and quality

New Park Objects

  • New park lamp set (over 20 new scene objects)
  • New fence set (over 13 new fence types, each coming with multiple variations)
  • New bench set (over 15 new scene objects)
  • New trash can set (5 new scene objects)
  • High Definition foliage set (10 new scene objects)

Improved Sound Effects

  • Various coaster styles have received brake sound updates
  • Moveable magnetic brakes sound added
  • Gate sound added

[The NL Dev Team]

Small Teaser of upcoming NL 2.5

Here is a small teaser of the upcoming NL 2.5 showing the new sun shafts effect (a.k.a. God Rays). The expected release date of NL 2.5 is early January which will be the third anniversary of NoLimits 2.

We wish you relaxed holidays and a good start into 2017.
[The NL Dev Team]


First screens of new update

The main design goal of the upcoming update 2.5 was to enhance the engine so that it will have better performance when having lots of light sources. The main reason for poor performance was that the engine used to have a traditional forward renderer. While that used to be a valid solution for fast rendering of most day-light parks (with the sun as the one and only light source), more and more users wanted to be able to equip parks with many lamps and such for night-time environments. Also newer graphics effects like HDR (high dynamic range rendering) and SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion) that are common in modern games were hard to add to the traditional rendering system. Something had to be done to fix all that. The solution was to turn the engine to a full deferred renderer. Basically all modern engines are deferred renderers by now, they scale much better with the number of rendered light sources and allow for a wider range of advanced rendering effects. Let me show you a couple of screenshots showing a few of the new features:

Screenshot NL 2.5 (1/3) Screenshot NL 2.5 (2/3) Screenshot NL 2.5 (3/3)

We see that having parks with many light sources is no problem any more. Framerates are not much slower compared to day time. The range of lights is also increased to infinity, so you will see all the lights up to even the farest distance. What else do we see on those screens, we see the new ambient occlusion effect (I created a custom implementation of SSAO, that is both efficient and also pretty), as the name implies, basically everything gets shaded by it. We also see a new bloom effect, and a harder to see new God-ray effect. Last but not least we see some of the new park objects created by Marco. There will be a lot new park objects. We will offer over 20 new park lamp models, around the same number of new fences and benches for all kinds of applications. Most of the new objects can be custom-colored. You will even be able to change the color of the light sources easily. More information coming soon...
[The NL Dev Team]